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    3 Ways To Keep Your Skin Glowing in Winter

    It’s winter! While enjoying the snow and holidays can be heaps of fun during this time of the year, the drop in temperatures can also cause drier skin. Here’s 3 ways to keep your skin glowing during the winter months!

    1. Moisturize

    During the dry winter months, a moisturizer is your skin’s best friend. If you notice that your skin is extra dry, try applying moisturizer in the morning and at night before bed. Also, don’t forget about your lips. Lip balm is important to keep your lips from becoming chapped during drier months.

    2. Avoid Products with Alcohol

    Alcohol is drying, which makes any products containing alcohol harsher for skin in the winter months. Instead, use a gentle cleanser.

    3. Use Sunblock

    Although it’s colder outside in the winter, the sun still shines, which means you still need to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Wearing SPF 30 sunblock will help.

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